Brownfield Sister

Brownfield Sister stands against the destruction of biodiversity on Swanscombe Peninsula, a rewilding triangle of marshland in North West Kent UK, hugged by the River Thames. Brownfield Sister highlights and grieves for what is in danger of being lost and destroyed by new major redevelopment; responding to the proposal of a £5 billion theme park project, The London Resort, partnered with Paramount Pictures, ITV Studios and the BBC.

2019, 2.59m
Live action, puppetry, stop-motion, After Effects

Sound Mix - Mike Wyeld  

FS From Swansula 2028


A prophecy from the landscape in pain, an animated shamanic journey performed by Swansula’s deity during rituals of rebirth.

2020, 4.28m
Live action, stop-motion, After Effects

Sound Design, Composed and Produced by Shiv Pattni | Instagram @shivshivshivshiv
Synthesizer - Ryan Crooks |
Vocal - Alice Aires. Additional Vocals - Rita Pattni, Varsana Pattni

SROES Swansula Remote Odona Eye Surveillance 2057 

A voyeuristic capture of a symbiotic relationship between rewilding machine Ecomaton and human Lunasaw within a speculative conservation recording; captured by Swansula’s Odona Eye, a dragonfly drone.

2020, 1.26m
Live action infrared trigger camera, model animation, multimedia sculpture, stop-motion, After Effects 

Sum Of All Its Past 

Responding to the shoreline of the Thames River in Swanscombe Kent; close by Swanscombe Heritage Park is world renowned for its excavations of paleolithic remains. Chalk and flint are prominent in the landscape. This work attempts to unpack the concept of inorganic memory and fathom the deep history and make-up of geological material.

Performing with Flint Instrument, composed of fragments of flint collected from the riverside.

2018, 2.29m
Live action, sculpture, performance, stop-motion

I Think It Was Male 

Embodying the voice of artist Helen Chadwick, from an interview in 1994 found on the
British Library sound archive.  Result of a workshop on the MA Animation course at The Royal College of Art.

2018, 1.08m
stop-motion, After Effects 

Inside Tide 

Animated poem in response to a site visit at the Tate Modern on the embankment in London.

2018, 1.14m
cut-out animation, Cinema 4D

Central Vessel 

A moat surrounds this central vessel,
forging iron inside to cast at monthly times.

A babe in metra behind the drawbridge line

Carrier -
blow glass for eye,


Never empty.

2018 0.22m 
hand-drawn animation 

White Moths


A shamanic lightworker lay wounded in the hand of a Victoria Amazonica with a thorn in his throat. 

2018, 3.28m 
Live action, stop-motion, cut-out animation

Tale of Pupa

A tactile voyage into guileless imagination. Unearthing material conceptions among the undergrowth.

2014, 7.48m 
stop-motion, claymation

Barrington Stoke

Commissioned by Barrington Stoke

Book trailer for Sita Brahmachari’s ‘Worry Angels’.

2017, 2.21m
stop-motion, cut-out animation

Together! 2012, Discover Childrens Story Centre

Commissioned by Together! 2012 

The Art of Transatlantic Inclusion

With artist-facilitator Georgia Akbar, we co-curated and co-facilitated art workshops to print characters and backgrounds with young disabled children and their families at Mighty Mega Saturday Club in Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford, London.

The artwork was then brought to life with a script written by Ju Gosling at Together! 2012,  in an Animation Workshop with Living Films participants at Richard’s House Children’s Hospice in Newham, faciliatated by Georgia Akbar and I. With sound added later in Montréal by Canadian students.

The project was funded by British Council Canada and Art Council England and was part of Vibrations Exhibition, that happened simultaneously in Quebec and London; showcasing a network of transatlantic partnerships and collaborations that ‘brings deaf and disabled artists and their communities from Montreal and East London together to co-produce a suite of new digital artworks and experimental prototypes that explore our sensorial relationship to the world.’

2018, 6.58m
cut-out animation

Pop-Up Projects - Transforming Lives through Literature

Commissioned by author Sita Brahmachari 

Cut-out animation sequences used as a creative reading and writing resource, with no accompanying audio so Sita Brahmachari can lead workshops as visuals provide stimulus.

Created with over 200 cut out painted paper elements.

Sita Brahmachari is a writer of award winning children's, YA novels and short stories with whom I have collaborated closely with since 2014.

The Patchwork of Imagination is a mixed-media textile work concived, commission and curated by Sita which I fabricated. An evolutionary quilt used for ‘Patchwork Storytelling’ workshops; a storybuiling, literacy and educational tool which has traveled many miles.

2017 5.51m
cut-out animation, live action

The Community Brain

Wheels of Time. A history of cycling in the borough of Kingston.

A Heritage Lottery Fund project.

Commissioned by The Community Brain

2018, 7.33m cut-out and hand-drawn animation

Directed by Georgia Akbar
Artwork and Art Direction by Grace Emily Manning
Cut-out animation - Georgia Akbar and Grace Emily Manning
 Hand-drawn animation by Grace Emily Manning
Written by Alex Beard
Sound Design by Tim Bennett Hart