A shamanic Lightworker ambles the tendrils of a sick celestial woodland beyond the known biosphere and comes across the cause of its suffering.

2017, 3.52 m
stop-motion, live action, hand-drawn animation

Music - Akiine, Rose on Neptune EP


2015, 3.18m
live action

Music - Akiine, Destiny
Directed by Grace Emily Manning
DOP - Todd Pacey

Editor - Will Hudgson
Masks - Maddy Rita Faye, Grace Emily Manning

Costume - Grace Emily Manning, Sophie McFayden
Dancers - Jade Anand, Emma Bellerby, Akiine


2013, 3.46
live action 

Music - Akiine, Swans 
Directed and Edited by Grace Emily Manning
Lighting - James Haydon
Camera - George Sydney Selwyn-Brace, Grace Emily Manning
Costume - Grace Emily Manning,  Sophie McFayden
Set Assistant - Charlie Robinson