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EP Ecomaton Phanti 1:6 scale model 2079, 2020
stop-motion puppet

Beetroot, blackberry and madder root bioplastic, aluminium, silver, copper, brass, rose fibre, natural rubber, linen dyed with weld, recycled textile, found plastic, recycled OHP lens
120cm x 50cm x 150cm. Copper and brass figure armature

Ecomaton Poto and Lunasaw Maya, 2020
stop-motion puppet
120cm x 140cm x 50cm

Agar based bioplastic dyed with chlorella, recycled metal, linen dyed with weld, madder and blackberry, recycled textile, defunct machine parts. LED light, copper and brass figure armature

I Think It Was Male

Phallic Mother, 2018
stop-motion puppett 
Plasticine clay, aluminum sheet, sliver leaf
30cm x 5cm x 4cm


Rose, 2017-2018
stop-motion puppett hibicus bulb skins, natural fibres, plasticine and wax based clay

moving image work fabricated with;  recycled textiles, natural fibres - flax, bamboo, banana, cotton, soya, plasticine, egg shell, garlic skin, onion skin, paper, card, liquid metal, free machine embroidery, wire, tissue papers, aluminium armatures, shipping rope, clays, pastels

Puppets in Prague 

Puppet made during a two week intensive course in the fabrication of puppets for stop-motion animation in Prague, learning from the Czech stop-motion puppet making masters.

bonsai wire, lime-wood, foam latex, recycled textile, raw cotton, copper plate, banana fibres dyed with turmeric

A Tale of Pupa

Pupa, 2014
stop-motion puppett
recycled textiles, natural fibres

moving image work fabricated with; beeswax, recycled textiles, plasticine and wax based clay, teezles, seed pods, chalk, earth, liquid metal, recycled paper and cards.

Qualia In Vitro

moving image work fabricated with;eartenware clay, red ochre pigment, aluminum, chalk, steel, magents, agar, ice, avodaco ovules, recycled textile