GEM Eco Studio 



GEMEco Studio est. 2022 in Birmingham, UK works across the performance industries to create speculative objects, props, sculpture and experimental stop-motion work.

Using found objects and foraged natural materials, telling stories through fantasy objects crafted from waste and handmade biomaterials. Specialising in plant dyes, articulated puppets and nature replica.

Dedicated to finding new eco-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic, cruelty free alternatives to all making practices and reviving heriatge methods and crafts. 

Grace Emily Manning b.1992 is an artist, maker and world-builder with an environmentally driven practice encompassing sculpture, textile, animation, drawing, painting, performance, writing and experimental storytelling.

She holds an MA in Experimental Animation from the Royal College of Art and a BA in Performance Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. 

Grace has created work for Disney, Glastonbury Festival and The Royal Opera House. Her work in response to the climate crisis was showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum for the London Design Festival 2021. Grace is an eco-sensitive materials advisor, employed onto projects for galleries such as Kettles Yard in Cambridge.

Grace conjures expansive site-specific projects enriched with research into landscapes ecologies, history and folklore. Moving from fieldwork to fantasy, crafting her worlds with a unique tactility, working fludily across media.

In 2016 Grace was awarded the Sally Goldsworthy Bursary Award from Discover Children's Story Centre for her work in close collaboration with author Sita Brahmachari and inspiring socially engaged projects. Allowing Grace, a working class artist from suburban Kent, to gain access to a studio for the first time.

Grace is now co-founder and director of Terra Attune CIC. Facilitating community projects with conservation at their heart, devising workshops in collaboration with other environmentally driven community interest companies across the UK such as Beach Guardian CIC in North Cornwall.  

All work and images © Grace Emily Manning 2022