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Swansula is an expansive eco-science fiction project drawn from an existing landscape Swanscombe Peninsula; a biodiverse triangle of marshland hugged by the River Thames in Kent currently threatened by a multi-billion pound development The London Resort.

The world of Swansula manifests through a multimedia mosaic of works, framed within a ecoactivist fantasy future to explore and expose the environmental issues surrounding the site today; presenting an alternative vision for the landscape to one driven by capitalism that harms its fragile wetland ecology.

Documentation of the project, reflecting on how Swansula evolved, including drawings and site documentation

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099 is a time capsule, a physical artefact encasing a digital archive of artworks; relics of a fictional community, the Lunasaws, who inhabit Swansula between 2028 and 2100 to conserve the landscape.

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099 anthropologically explores the concept of rewilding, as a process of awakening, healing, sacrifice and readaptation.

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099, Digital College 2020

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099

Original Artwork for digital background, pencil, 2020

Swansula artworks are listed by medium across this site - view sketchbook, moving image, poetry and sound, drawing and sculpture.