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Swansula, Relics of Estuarine Magic 

Project evolved from Brownfield Sister, 2019 

Swansula is an expansive site-sensitive project drawn from an existing landscape, Swanscombe Peninsula.

A biodiverse triangle of marshland hugged by the River Thames in Kent, threatened by a multi-billion pound development The London Resort.  

The world of Swansula manifests through a multimedia mosaic of works, animating an alternative vision for the landscape to one driven by capitalism that harms its fragile wetland ecology. A place of reclaimation, where to practice a deep faith in nature and a sanctuary for emotional emapancipation. 

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099 is a fictional time capsule encasing a digital archive of artworks; relics of a coven - the Lunasaws, who inhabit Swansula between 2028 and 2100 to reclaim and conserve the landscape.

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099 anthropologically explores the concept of rewilding, as a process of attunement, awakening, healing, sacrifice and readaptation.

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099, Digital College 2020

SQ Swansula Quartz 2099

Original Artwork for digital background, pencil, 2020