Prices shown are for artworks excluding delivery charges.

Artworks are preferably collected from the studio in Birmingham, UK or can be delivered in person to prevent any loss or damage. For either of these delivery options please select ‘Bespoke Delivery’ at checkout.

Bespoke delivery options are available for sending through the post with insurance, all Artworks that require bespoke delivery have been listed as such -

Please select ‘Bespoke Delivery £0.00’ at point of sale and I will be in contact following purchase of Artwork with you to discuss delivery options and additional charges.

Ink Cards

There are a range of delivery options in the checkout to cover delivery of Ink Cards; this covers Standard Delivery to UK, EU and International as well as Signed For delivery to UK, EU and International up to 500g only, the equivalent to 10 cards.

If you purchase over 10 cards in total, please select ‘Bespoke Delivery £0.00’ at point of sale and we can talk through delivery options and additional charges.


If you would like any of the unframed Artwork listed to be framed before delivery, please contact me directly after your purchase and we can discuss options for bespoke framing.

I will recommend investing in a frame most sensitive to the Artwork at the best quality you can afford.

Anti-Reflective Museum Art Glass is a superior product and is best suited to the detail and intricacy of my works. I can liaise with a local expert and artisan Contemporary Art framers to provide you with options and samples.

For this instance please select ‘Bespoke Delivery’ at point of sale, leave a Note at the checkout and I will be in contact with you.

However you may wish to explore framing options independently. 

With Love, Grace