The Art of Transatlantic Inclusion

The Art of Transatlantic Inclusion, 2018 was a collaborative project brought together by Together! 2012 and Discover Children’s Story Centre.

I collaborated with artist-facilitator Georgia Akbar to co-curate and co-facilitated art workshops where we printed characters and backgrounds with young disabled children and their families at Mighty Mega Saturday Club in Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford, London.

The artwork was then brought to life with a script written by Ju Gosling at Together! 2012 in animation workshops with Living Films participants at Richard’s House Children’s Hospice in Newham facilitated by Georgia and I, with sound added later in Montréal by Canadian students.

The project was funded by British Council Canada and Art Council England.

The animation and supplementary work was a part of Vibrations exhibition that happened simultaneously in Quebec and London; showcasing a network of transatlantic partnerships and collaborations that bough ‘deaf and disabled artists and their communities from Montreal and East London together to co-produce a suite of new digital artworks and experimental prototypes that explore our sensorial relationship to the world.’

Splash!, 2018
Cut-out animation