Sum Of All Its Past

Sum Of All Its Past, 2018. 2,29m digital video, flint instrument

Swanscombe Man.

Turns out you were female. 

A Palaeolithic female.

I hunt your wild tools.

By the river

I hold your wild tools.

Washed over 400,000 years

Now they sit in the seat between my thumb and index finger.

You know thumb?

Iron string and oxide rings, relics and imprints on chalk and flint.

Down the valley behind, over the marsh in front,

Did you jump?

What's your concept of homelessness if you slept on this Peninsula?

What’s your concept of loneliness if you knew not what was over the water?

Between the pylons,


Lull harmonic frequencies that dial back to you and anchor it.

That hasn’t changed

I still meet the seven sisters.

Flint Instrument, 2018.  60 x 60 x 80 cm.
Instrument made with flint collected from the River Thames bank on Swascombe Peninsula in North Kent.