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Relics of Estuarine Magic

Relics of Estuarine Magic is a speculative archive currently presented online here 

which frames sculptural, moving image, animated, painted, drawn, poetic, audio and
digital artworks as relics from the future, excavated from the fictional world of Swansula.

A project for the mudlarks, beach cleaners and treasure hunting scavengers of the Thames Estuary.

REM is a framework for an ongoing project and a worldbuilding tool.

Each relic is based around a found object cleaned from the landscape Swanscombe Peninsula. Using organic and inorganic materials sensitvely foraged from the place too.  

I am working on recipes and methods to make paper from reeds, ink from chalk and bio-plastics from seaweed.

Each relic is an instrument of magic and has a fictional description, allowing me to engage with an experimental and archaeological way of storytelling and world building.

When pieced together, the relics conjure stories of a future landscape conserved by a community bound by nature, art and magic. Restoring our ancient belief systems in order to work through our contemporary environmental crisis.

The project questions how we can build a sustainable future for our wetlands and also practices and implements environmentally responsible crafts and processes.

Showing that there is magic, mystery and wonder to be found in even the most suburban of wildernesses.