Relics of Esturaine Magic

A fictional museum of magic artefacts excavated from the fantasy land of Swansula. Relics of Estuarine Magic is a speculative archive of ritual objects from the future found along the Thames Estuary.

REM 13 Drawing of Amulet, 2021
Pencil on cartridge paper

Swansula, Relics of Estuarine Magic, 2022
Bargehouse Gallery, Southbank, London

Sailing The Veils - Swansula Ritual Sailing Barge 2021
53 x 77 x 90 cm
Found plastic, bullrush, flint, sea grass root, deer bone, duck feather, hawthorn, blackberry thorn, rose thorn and hip, dogwood, thistle, recycled aluminum, copper and cotton, algae and bladderwrack seaweed bioplastic

Relics of Estuarine Magic, 2021 
Fictional Digital Museum Archive, hosted on website

Original Artwork for digital background, 2020
Graphite Pencil

Collection Number

Object Name
Anemoi Mundi Poppet
on Element Brick

Object Type
Spiritual Navigation and Guidance, Divination

26, 25, 12

Plastic, steel nail,
seaweed, wax, bone, copper, brass, iron, rose fibre, glass, roots.

Physical Description
Poppet sat on plastic Element Brick; four circular turrets marking earth, air, fire and water.  

Use and Meaning 
For independent meditation, joined with Swansula Compass to empower spiritual navigation.

Poppet covers eyes signifying openness to guidance by the elements and travel through the mind. Sitting between the four elements signifying position in the crossroads, the bridge between the worlds.

Figure represents wind deity, universal soul, dual mother, mercurial goddess with wing feathers in colours the four elements.

Sat before black seaweed candle for uncrossing and protection, housed in a copper mask; the self projected to the world in front. Removable pins can be lifting when drawn towards and connecting to particular forces.

Alchemical Fountain of Rebirth, 2018.
Sketch for speculative Ritual Object

Collection Number

Object Name
Drawing of Ceramic Infusion Vessel

Object Type
Drawing, Speculative Magic

21, 29

Ink, graphite pencil, manufactured wood pulp paper

Physical Description 
Dated circa 2122. Four pages of drawings from notebook with sketches of an ‘infusion vessel’ to take herbal water distillations and medicine during collective meditation.

Use and Meaning

Drawing for infusion vessel demonstarates communities use of folk medicine and collective magic to bond to each other and to Swansula land. Vessel details five mouth tendrils for breathing vapour from distilled flora.

Imagined to be used outside around open fire. Vapours collect in copper horn, distilled into tinctures. Ceramic panels representing elements surround vessel, fortifying balance.

Relics of Estuarine Magic is an ongoing project and exploration of Swansombe Peninsula ...

Reed paper sample made with Bullrush seed heads collected from Swanscombe Marshes, 2021