Ghost Gear Poppets

A site-specific project for North Cornwall, Padstow, UK

Ghost Gear Oracle Head, 2021
Waste plastics cleaned from Cornish beaches by Beach Guardian CIC.
Buoy, rope, net, fishing tackle.

Lifted to the top of Brown Willy 420m and washed in the midst of Bodmin Moor.

Laid on granite as old as the Earth, to spread the message of the Ocean Deep to the ancestors of old.

Scarlets Well, Bodmin 

Cleansed with water from Sacred Wells and Holy Springs.  

A project conjured in the lead up to the G7 Summit, June 2021 in St. Ives, Cornwall by Terra Attune.

Taking inspiration from the Old Ways and traditional West Country magic and Witchcraft.

Making talismans using plastic waste collected from the Seven Bays around North Cornwall.

That journeyed through the magestic landscapes of North Cornwall to breathe sentience into the plastic bodies.

Poppets made from Ghost Gear aid our cause through magic.

They are custodian spirits brought ashore with a message,

they know what is occurring in the Ocean deep.

Set free, they journeyed by land and by sea to haunt the G7 summit.

Cycled from Padstow along the Camel Estaury into Bodmin Moor.

Cycling from Bodmin Moor southwards to Looe.

Duloe Stone Circle, Duloe, Cornwall, UK
Infared camera

Poppets made in workshops with local school children and community grous taken to Duloe Stone Cirlce. Span and woven between the stones, energised by ancient quartz.