Rose, 2016 
3.52 m
Stop-motion animation, film

Recycled textiles, natural fibres - flax, bamboo, banana, cotton, soya, egg shell, garlic skin,
onion skin, paper, card, aluminum, cotton embroidery, waste plastic, oil and wax based clay, pastels

A shamanic light worker ambles the tendrils of a sick celestial woodland and comes across the cause of its suffering.  The tortoise lay wounded, a thorn pricked deep in her belly. Swallowing her pain, the shaman portals to the interior of the spirit world.

Tuning in to cosmic frequencies and primordial sounds that evoke an ethereal trance to the language of light.

Ecology and spirituality orbit Lightwork, echoing messages of sacrifice, healing and the tender intercourse displayed in evolved ecosystems. 

A mantra in a mirrored space sitting between sickness and health, dark and light, silence and symphony.

Rose, 2017. Stop-motion puppet.
Hibicus bulb skins, natural fibres, oil and wax based clay