Natural Dye

GEM Eco Studio specialises in fabric dyeing for set design, film, television and events. Employing heritage dye methods to deliver authentic colour; developing unique methods to age textiles such as painting with tannin inks and iron mordant.

Working with my brother, a gardener, we collect and process our dye material. Choosing the most environmentally sensitive option for each project. The organic materials are forgaed locally, pruned from gardens and collected from local public spaces.

Dyed at home by hand in our garden in Birmingham.

Besides fabric, we dye yarn, rope, cord, natrual fibres, wooden objects and experimental material such as fungi and stone for sculptural uses and prop making.

Grace Emily Manning has dyeing experience spanning eight years for a diverse range of projects and contexts.

GEM Eco Studio works towards complete self sufficency, using plant mordants over chemical mordants. Our plant waste goes to compost and water is recyled where possible to feed plants.

Using foraged materials alongside responsibly sourced dye materials when working out of season, to deliver desired colour ranges.